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Journey to the new world

Lectures 1-5

1. METR3800 Mechatronics Team Project 2

The splashy introduction to the course. Description of the project and rules outline. Explanation of assessment items, demos and reviews. Information on class rules, procedures and policies. Provides some useful resources, people and contact details.

2. Principles of Mechatronic Systems Design

Striking a balance is making everybody equally unhappy. Mechatronics design requires trading off multiple competing system parameters whilst meeting the overall performance objective.

3. Principles of Sailing

Main sheets, spinnakers and belaying pins ahoy! A short sharp introduction to the key concepts of wind-powered propulsion, recap of fluid dynamics principles, and how airfoils and buoyancy work. Discusses how aerodynamic sail systems and hydrodynamic hull systems function together.

4. Sensors and Filtering

Don't know your Kalman Filters from your Weighted Averages? This lecture provides a brief description of the underlying philosophy of filtering and sensor fusion, with focus on various kinds of filter you may encounter.

5. Your Soldering is Terrible (Probably)

In class demo of basic and advanced soldering techniques. You really had to be there!

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