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Journey to the new world


A missive from the queen!

"My lords and ladies, I come bearing a missive from the queen! Ahem! 'In this year of our Lord, 1498, Her Royal Highness, Isabella Queen of Castile and Leon, Queen Consort of Aragon, Majorca, Naples and Valencia, bids you assemble a fleet and set sail at once for the new lands recently discovered by the realm's foremost explorers. There, you are to claim its valuable and verdant expanse for Castile, and its precious resources for the Crown.

You are instructed forthwith to construct a number of worthy sea vessels with which to conduct the expedition. Her Highness has graciously granted you funds from the treasury sufficient to commission three ships suited to the task, as well as provisions for five months at sea. She is most adamant that you do not exceed her generosity.

To aid you in this duty, the court cartographer has prepared a map of the ocean and coastline you will be traversing. Likewise, the court astrologer has provided you with a celestial chart of the stars in the heavens above the new lands. With these, you will be able to cross the seas and navigate the coast until you reach lush and productive farmlands to seize.'

But be warned, my lords, my ladies - the passage to the new world is fraught with danger and peril. It is said that across the ocean ash and soot falls from the skies - that strange winds blow unpredictably - that giant sea monsters devour ships whole! This is not an enterprise for the faint of heart or cowardly of disposition.

However, with great risk comes great reward. It is also said that deep within the jungles of the wild new land, there is a pyramid temple constructed by the natives in honour of their terrible god-king Axolotlzuma. Washed by the blood of a thousand sacrifices, it is said that Axolotlzuma buried his most valuable treasure in this temple, and that whoever should recover it will wield its power. But that's just stories... perhaps."