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Journey to the new world

Rules and Regulations

Task Description

The objective is to build a small autonomous vessel that automatically navigates from one side of a shallow water tank to the other, navigate obstacles and make landfall on a coastline, propelled only by the wind. The latest version of the Description, Rules and Regulations document is authorative and rules of the challenge and lists permitted materials and specific prohibitions

Lab rules

- Wear closed-toe footwear at all times

- Complete the lab induction before starting work

- Keep the lab clean

- Space is at a premium - please be considerate of those around you

Occupational Health and Safety

When working with the tank, please observe the following rules:

- You must wear rubber-soled, closed footwear

- Do not walk on/in the tank

- Do not lean against the tank

- Do not eat the tiny trees

- Please complete the tank risk assessment online