Down the borehole...

At 6:02 am, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck Northeast Queensland damaging several parts of the Rotenzimmer Subterranean Mine. With the softer earth of the descent ramps collapsed, there is no direct access from the surface. We know from entry records that several miners were underground, working at the hard rock cutting face, when the earthquake struck.

We believe survivors may be stranded in the excavated galleries far below ground. Our only way to reach them is via exploratory boreholes drilled down into the mine, but we have no way of knowing where in the mine they may be located. Furthermore, following the quake, the stability of any remaining mine structure is unknown. It may not be safe for rescuers to enter the mine, and we cannot risk them becoming more victims if aftershocks cause a complete collapse.

Your task is to develop and deploy a robotic rescue vehicle that can proceed down the borehole, locate any survivors and, when found, return them to the surface.

Good luck - they're depending on you.