Speedway 20X4


Wk 4-5 Scumbag Speedway

Scumbag Speedway is the entry point for all rookie racers, and the greasy track has seen countless contenders come and go. A simple track, suited to beginners.

Wk 6-7 Gumball Rocket

With the longest straights of any track, the Gumball emphasises raw acceleration over handling. Just don't miss the turn at what they've come to call "splatter bend".

Wk 8-9 California Hairpin

Some say the Hairpin's design was based on a west-coast toupe; some say that's rubbish. But all agree that handling is the key to this winding raceway.

Wk 10-11 Mount Sushiyama

Dominated by the imposing Sushiyama mountains, this twisting circuit will push your driving skills to the limit. Visibility is poor around the peaks of Sushiyama.

Wk 12 Terminal Junction

Although uncomfirmed, it's believed that the cross-over in this advanced track has claimed more lives than any other raceway. That's why they call it 'Terminal Junction'.

Wk 13 St. Lucia Gran Prix

Many racers dream of reaching the hallowed asphalt of the fabled St. Lucia Speedway. Few make it to the starting grid, and only the best will stand victorious atop the podium.