Speedway 20X4

Lectures 1-5

1. METR4810 Mechatronics Team Project 2

The splashy introduction to the course. Description of the project and rules outline. Explanation of assessment items, demos and reviews. Information on class rules, procedures and policies. Provides some useful resources, people and contact details.

2. Principles of Mechatronic Systems Design

Striking a balance is making everybody equally unhappy. Mechatronics design requires trading off multiple competing system parameters whilst meeting the overall performance objective.

3. Professional Communication Skills

Core skills that professional engineers should have in communicating their work: report writing, analytical processes, presentations and more. All the things that you should probably know by now, but many people seem not to.

4. Your Soldering is Terrible (Probably)

In class demo of basic and advanced soldering techniques. You really have to be there to get the full-effect! These lecture notes will largely consist of updates and announcements you may otherwise miss.

5. Image Processing and The Blorch

Paul is sick with an infection scientists are calling "The Blorch". Instead, Surya Singh provides a guest lecture on image processing.

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